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Every visitor is kindly asked to carefully read the following terms and conditions on the use and consultation of the site. Continuing to use and consult the site implies that the visitor accepts the following conditions in their entirety.

All of the site’s content is the exclusive property of Sartoretto Verna Srl.  No part of the site, no brand, content, logo, sound, design or image can be reproduced, retransmitted or used without the express written agreement of Sartoretto Verna Srl.

  • Every effort has gone into inserting up-to-date and correct information into this site. However, Sartoretto Verna Srl is not responsible for the site’s content nor its use in any way. Documents and designs are available as they are presented in the site without any type of guarantee as to their accuracy. Access to information and its use is at the risk of the user. Sartoretto Verna Srl is not responsible for any direct, indirect or contingent damage of any type derived from the use or accuracy of the information available on this site. The documents and the relative designs published on this server could contain technical and typographical errors. The information inserted herein is periodically updated. Sartoretto Verna Srl has the right to change or improve the information published in the site in whatever way it deems appropriate.
  • One leaves the present site through the links contained herein. The sites of third parties that are linked to the present site are out of Sartoretto Verna Srl’s control. None of the organisations headed by the Sartoretto Verna Group Srl are responsible for the aforementioned sites’ content, updating and modification, nor any of the links present therein. Furthermore, none of the organisations headed by the Sartoretto Verna Group Srl is responsible for anything published online or transmitted in any other way by a site of a third party to which it is linked. The links are supplied to the visitor exclusively for their convenience and the inclusion of whatever type of link does not imply any approval of the relative site by Sartoretto Verna Srl. In particular, the information contained in the site may not conform to the D.Lvo 541/92 that regulates advertising about medicines for human use and the opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the position of Sartoretto Verna Srl, nor are they approved by it.
  • The names of Sartoretto Verna Srl products referred to in this site appear in plain text, in bold or accompanied by the symbol of the registered trademark ® as they are trademarks registered by  Sartoretto Verna Srl. The names of companies and products cited in the present site may be trademarks registered by their owners. The use of such registered trademarks is expressly prohibited.
  • Visits to this site may be registered. Sartoretto Verna Srl reserves the right to use such data for the purpose of statistical evaluations, to ensure good service and to improve its own web sites. Please do not use this site if you do not agree with the aforementioned praxis.
  • The site permits access without the visitor identifying themselves or registering. A note concerning privacy and requests for consent to the handling of personal data within the meaning of Italian Law 675/96 (the protection of privacy) will be inserted in the parts or sections of the site subject to the recording of personal data.

请网站访客仔细地阅读下列的本网站的使用条款与条件。为了持续参考网站,网站访客应该接受全部的下列条件。该网站的所有内容属于Sartoretto Verna有限公司。未经Sartoretto Verna 有限公司的明确书面协议,浏览该网站的网民不可转寄或使用该网站内的品牌、内容、公司的标识、音频、设计或图像。  

  •  我们的目标是在本网站编辑最新最正确的信息。然而,Sartoretto Verna有限公司不负责该网站的内容,也不负责任任何方式使用。我们不能够确认本网站的所有文档和设计是准确的。获取和使用信息是用户的选择和风险。Sartoretto Verna有限公司不负责对访客带来任何直接,间接或意外伤害。在此服务器上发布的文件和相关设计可能包含技术和印刷的错误。本网站的信息是定期更新的。Sartoretto Verna有限公司有权在改变或改善本网站的所有信息。
  • 关于本网站链接,Sartoretto Verna有限公司不能够控制第三方的网站内容。Sartoretto Verna 集团的所有公司不负责上述网站的内容更新和修改,也不负责所有的网站链接。此外,Sartoretto Verna 集团的所有公司  也不负责所连接的第三方网站内容。本网站所提供的链接的目标是使游客方便地上网。Sartoretto Verna不负责连接的内容。第三方网站中所包含的信息可能不符合的D.Lvo 541/92法律 (关于药品广告的规定法律), 因此Sartoretto Verna有限公司不负责在网上所登出来的内容和意见。
  • 在本网站上的SartorettoVerna有限公司产品的名字出现在纯文本、粗体或注册商标的象征®,它们都是Sartoretto 有限公司的注册商标。本网站中所引用的别公司名称与产品有可能具有它们所有者的注册商标。因此使用该注册商标是明令禁止的。
  • 这个网站的访问量可能过户登记手续。Sartoretto 有限公司有权使用这些数据为了统计评估的目的,以保证良好的服务和提高网站的质量。请不要使用这个网站,如果你不同意上述实践。
  • 浏览该网站访问不需要网上注册。针对网站内个别需要输入个人资料的部分,我们会遵照意大利法律第675/96(隐私保护)插入一份个人资料用途解释和网名同意选项。


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