Sartoretto Verna Pharmacy Interior DesignSartoretto Verna 的药店室内设计

furniture systems that make space profitable 充分利用空间的药店家具系列



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<!--:en-->®Ral System furniture for pharmacies<!--:--><!--:zh-->®Ral的药店家具系列<!--:-->

6 series of pharmacy furniture have been created by Sartoretto Verna. Each is innovative, technologically advanced and so flexible that it can display every type of merchandise in the most attractive way possible. There are over 5000 fixtures and fittings to go with it, as well as an endless choice of materials, colours, lights and interactive multimedia features.

我们创造了6个专门针对药房、药妆店的®Ral系统家具系列,是我们公司多年来专注于明确目标的成果。全部的®Ral药店家具系列又先进又更新,家具也很灵活, 从而药剂师可吸引地展示各种各样的物品。SARTORETTO VERNA 的®Ral 家具系统很丰富: 一共有5000个多药店的家具与配饰, 也有许多设计材料、颜色、照明与交互多媒体的工具。

<!--:en-->Pharmacy fittings: sector by sector<!--:--><!--:zh-->药店的家具<!--:-->

Take a look at the photo gallery that is divided into the variousproduct areas. Discover many different pharmacy furnishingsolutions and use this tool to widen your knowledge of our systems, the perfect way to personalise your own pharmacy and make it more interactive and communicative.

参考SARTORETTO VERNA的药店照片库, 您可选择按照您要求与品味的药店照片。探索 我们公司的不同药店装修设计解决方案, 用这个工具更深刻的了解我们公司的产品和家具系列, 从而您可选择最理想的药店设计,您也可了解如何增强药店的吸引力和交互性。

<!--:en-->Art and design<!--:--><!--:zh-->艺术与设计 <!--:-->

Sculpture in wood, trompe l’oeils, stained glass and other artistic touches can be combined with lighting, multimedia technology and theRal System furniture series to make a strong emotional impact on the pharmacy’s customers that also affirms its core message.

木雕塑、视觉陷阱、彩色玻璃、艺术细节、照明设计、多媒体的技术与Ral System 药店家具系列 平衡地融合,而吸引顾客在 一种和谐的环境中满意地购买贵公司的产品。环境传达出一种优雅与美好的氛围。

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